Reservation Requests

Making a Reservation and How to Pay the Admission Fee

1. Please fill out the entry below and press the Submit button.
2. You will get an email from NINJA TRICK HOUSE IN TOKYO.
3. Please confirm the email, and pay the admission fee in advance with PayPal.
4. You will get a reservation complete email after completing the PayPal payment.
5. Please come to our shop on the day of the reservation 5 minutes before the reservation time. Please tell the reception staffer the name on the reservation.


* Your reservation will be complete after paying the admission fee.
* You will need to register a new PayPal account if you do not already have one.
* If you have not received an email from our shop 3 days after sending the reservation request, please send an email to
* Please ensure that you can receive email from Gmail.

Changing Reservation Date and Time

It is possible to change the reservation date and time at the customer's request after the reservation has been completed.
However, the reservation cannot be changed if attendance is full for the desired date and/or time of change.

Warning about Reservation Cancelation

Reservations that are canceled within 7 days of the participation date are subject to 100% of the admission fee being retained as a cancelation fee.

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    RequiredNo. of Participants Adult
    Jr. High School Student/High School Student
    Child (9 years old or younger)
    Toddler (3 years old or younger)
    * Up to 10 people can utilize
    RequiredReservation Request Day 1st Desired Year
    1st Desired Month
    1st Desired Day
    1st Desired Day of Week
    1st Desired Time
    2nd Desired Year
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    3rd Desired Time
    * Note: Tuesdays and Wednesdays are fixed holidays.
    Questions Regarding Reservations
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